Caniff Funeral Home Welcomes You 


Welcome to Caniff Funeral Home, Ashland, Kentucky. We have been a family owned and operated full service funeral home serving the Ashland and Tri-State since 1962, providing comforting and reliable service to those mourning the loss of a loved one.
We are a part of your community. We're family.


Like you, we appreciate good neighbors. As established members of the hometown business community, we understand the security of dealing with people you know and can trust. We have built a reputation on this trust. We believe in flexible, sincere, and highly personalized service. Caniff Funeral Home is dedicated to providing meaningful ceremonies to families when a death has occurred. Our family will be there for you. In times of need, it is comforting to know that you can always count on your family to be there for you. In your time of need, let our family be there for you too.


A funeral service commemorates a life that has been lived. It offers a time for friends and relatives to pay tribute to that life and express love for the person. We will take care of the needs and desires of every family, no matter how small the detail. While we are involved with funerals on a daily basis, we never forget that completing all the necessary arrangements is a task most families only face a few times in their lifetime. When a death occurs, it is often complicated by the need to make important decisions about funeral arrangements. These decisions may be difficult to deal with when a family is in mourning. At Caniff Funeral Home, we recognize the emotional trauma and financial strain a funeral can place on a bereaved family. We are here to bring you comfort, strength, and guidance.